#3 on James’ Top Ten Shorts of 2016

FDTC writer James Orrell has branded Cannibillies #3 on his Top Ten Shorts of 2016 list! We are brutally honored to be included and can’t thank you enough for the undying support. More importantly, we’re glad you enjoyed it! “When it comes to mixing horror and comedy, it’s a delicate balance. Cannibillies says fuck all of that and just pounds you relentlessly throughout it’s runtime with all kinds of gags, both hilarious and horrific.”

James’ Top Ten of 2016

Cannibillies Review by FDTC

“Cannibillies is not afraid to push boundaries. Hell, it shatters them.” Thanks to James Orrell of FDTC for the brutally awesome review! Your words are greatly appreciated. Now click the link to get down and dirty! Plenty of meat scraps to go around…

The Not So Late Show

Team Necro would like to give a brutal thanks to Johnny DiLoretto and company for inviting us to the amazing Not So Late Show last night! If you haven’t already done so, check it out the first chance you get! It’s always a blast! Here’s a little meat scrap from our appearance. We love you, Johnny!

Nominated for “Best Ohio Film”

Cannibillies has been nominated for “Best Ohio Film” at the Nightmares Film Festival! Congratulations to all the other nominees! It’s an honor to be on this list. The festival takes place from October 20-23 at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. Cannibillies premieres on Sunday, October 23 at 10:00 PM. Thanks again for the undying support. Team Necro loves you! #BetterHorror #NFF16

Tickets Are Now Available

For those of you who can’t make the entire event, individual tickets for the world premiere of Cannibillies are now available for purchase! We will be kicking off the madness at 10:00 PM on Sunday, October 23. Nightmares Film Festival takes place from October 20-23 at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. We thank you for the undying support and look forward to seeing you all there! #BetterHorror #NFF16

Purchase Tickets Here

Congrats to Amy and Jeff

Congrats to Amy and Jeff (A.K.A. Crystal Beth and Pookie) on their recent engagement! Team Necro loves you and we couldn’t be more happy! Come see them “in action” October 20-23 at the Nightmares Film Festival. Cannibillies premieres Sunday, October 23 at 10:00 PM. The family can’t wait to meat you. #BetterHorror #NFF16